Magazines 4 Business is Bauer Media’s specialist partnership marketing team.

We focus on providing companies with rewards and incentives for their customers or employees through magazine subscriptions. 

Our magazine subscriptions can be utilised as part of loyalty or rewards schemes that you can offer to your customers or employees. We can also set up 'gift with purchase' campaigns and corporate benefit packages as well as many other options. We understand that each partnership is unique with different objectives, so we are able to offer bespoke magazine subscription opportunities that are aligned with your brand and meet your ideal gifting budget.



Our range of popular titles cover a variety of consumer’s interests and hobbies, providing you with a reward that will appeal directly to your target audience or a tool to reach new audiences.

We can offer tailored subscription partnerships that include both our household and specialist titles depending on which brands fit with your campaign or target demographic. 

Reward your customers with a gift that is in line with their interests and will be delivered directly to their door. You can offer a choice for your customers or just the magazine that is most aligned with your brand. Magazine subscriptions are the ideal way to add value to your promotion or campaign with a gift that keeps on giving.


We’re offering a multi-platform marketing tool that allows you to connect with your customers via multiple touch points and reward them across a variety of channels.


Our magazine subscriptions can continue to reward your customers over a long period of time, hassle free. Whether it's a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription to their favourite magazine, we aim to help you increase brand loyalty and campaign engagement through the rewards.

Our expert team is always on hand with their knowledge and experience to help you utilise your magazine subscriptions in your next campaign. We are happy to advise and guide you in exploring a variety of magazine subscription options that suit your business’ and customer’s needs.


Added value to your product  

Experts in rewards and incentives


Collaborative approach

International reach

Cost effective rewards

Target new audiences